Cardinala Tardiva | Branchini 1858

Cardinala Tardiva

“And so it happens one day that the discovery of happiness is hidden in an idea.
Vivacious and intimate, like Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto”

Cardinala Tardiva is a blend created by a mature and proud balance generated by natural raisining processes. Its fullness is surprisingly articulated into a complex melody which guides us along wooded paths and generous solidity. Classic variations and a reinterpretation of our territorial expression.

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Cardinala Riserva | Branchini 1858

Cardinala Riserva

Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Reserve

“Harmonious richness, narrative intensity, compositional complexity.
Evokes Bach’s Cello Suites”

Greatness and simplicity are peculiarities of Sangiovese Superiore Cardinala Riserva. A resilient and elegant velvet of Romagna, it unveils a spicy denouement and harmonious richness, distinctive and profound qualities of our presence and passion for the land.

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Cardinala Nuova | Branchini 1858

Cardinala Nuova

Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore

“Melodic freshness, harmonious inventiveness, emotional depth.
Like the Harpsichord Sonatas by Scarlatti”

We are in Romagna. The profile of the horizon, the expressive mobility of our roots are encapsulated in a glass of red Sangiovese Superiore. From the eponymous grape variety of the “La Cardinala” farm, we produce what we consider to be the emblem of values linked to solar Friendship and appeasement. Cardinala Nuova warmly identifies the harmonious vision of a land and the inventive spirit of a family.

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Cardinala | Branchini 1858