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The Origins

There is a great journey behind all that we do.

This is the story of a family whose profound belief in the land has inspired its enhancement and vocation.
We first began producing wine in 1858, after transferring our origins from historic Siena (Tuscany) to the industrious Emilia Romagna region, Toscanella di Dozza (Bologna) to be exact.
This is where our roots regained their vigour and where we, the Branchini “della Galavolta” family, have since resided, passing down the solidity of a vision from generation to generation.
In this position, blessed by a multitude of favourable geological and climatic characteristics, coupled with a consolidated mastery of ancient and knowledgeable gestures, we perpetuate a centuries-old tradition, seamlessly integrated with modern experimentation techniques.

The Land and the Emblem

We live in these places.

It has forged a subtle, yet incisive profile of our vision and language. We communicate through the structure of this land; with innate pride we have always associated it with a visual image.
We bring you the 1858 Branchini Logo. The lands of our farm are lapped by the banks of the Sillaro, Sellustra and Sabbioso rivers, inspiring a clean-cut and essential graphic sign, conveying the significance of these waters that shape the geology of our land.
The particular combination of sand, clay and lime of these river beds enriches our wines with special characteristics.
Grateful for being the custodians of this ancient and reciprocal bond, we carry forward its meaning with our contemporary seal.

The vineyards

A constant and coherent commitment.

Guaranteed from grape production right through to vinification processes, which all strictly take place in the fields and cellars of Branchini 1858.
The main objective of this choice is to ensure that the physiological balance of vines remains unaltered, by not forcing biological processes in any way.
What enables us to achieve such results is a profound knowledge of the land, coupled with absolute dedication to every single production phase.
The control and application of modern technologies enables us to achieve vinification processes which fully respect the fruits, while highlighting the qualities and manifold nuances already naturally present in wines.