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1858 Brut

Classic Method Spumante

“And so it happens one day that the discovery of happiness is hidden in an idea.
Vivacious and intimate, like Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto”

The significant convergence of lands on the border of Romagna and Emilia, the vibrant heart of food and wine excellence, has culminated in 1858.
We let ourselves be guided by the natural potential of Albana di Romagna, bringing to life our original interpretation of this extraordinary grape variety, creating a sublime brut spumante obtained using the classic method.
Inspired by the first year of harvest, 1858 is an elegant, full-bodied trove, balanced by the characterising memories of its grape variety of origin.
1858 is refined pleasure steeped in harmonious bubbles. It is festive, unexpected, like greetings, or fortunate encounters.