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Canto delle Sirene Brut

Sparkling Pignoletto DOC

“A bubbly song inspired by Beethoven’s violin concerto.
Immense brilliance, captivating, intense beauty.”

In the beginning there was the myth of seduction, capable of unexpectedly enrapturing men amidts voluptuous waves. Now, like an ancient thread, Canto delle Sirene links the song of mermaids to the modernity of our Pignoletto, which captures its sparkling persistence.
Canto delle Sirene is our contemporary spumante. From the confusion of oblivion to the refined freshness of balance, all in a captivating expressive vision of intense beauty.

Canto delle Sirene Medium Dry

Sparkling Pignoletto DOC

“A sparkling ode to female beauty. Captivating, witty, energetic and rhythmical. Like dancing to Modern Jazz.”

Stop to listen to the vivacious succession of waves and glance at the horizon in search of the answer to eternal allure. Seduction courses like a syncopated rhythm in which we lose ourselves in a sinuous vortex of pearls and vigorous energy. Canto delle Sirene is our sparkling Pignoletto wine, capable of enrapturing and entertaining, just like a splendid female presence.